Waitlist Application Fee

Waitlist Application Fee

MSTC has moved to a new software platform that combines multiple tools into one. This includes moving the waitlist to purchase a membership to the new platform. Further, the new platform allows you to check your position on the waitlist and update/maintain current contact info (which is very important). To check your spot or update your info, please visit https://mantuastc.org/wait-list-application/. You can look up your application using the primary email address that was provided with your waitlist application. It’s very important that you maintain a good primary email address as that is how we will notify you when a membership becomes available.

The MSTC board also decided to change the waitlist policy. Waitlist applicants were not charged a fee to join the waitlist. When a membership became available, they paid $1,500 where $1,400 went toward the bond (which is refunded should you ever sell your membership) and $100 for an admin fee.

We are now requiring new waitlist applicants to pay $105 to join the waitlist and are eliminating the $100 admin fee when a membership is offered to a waitlist applicant. The waitlist application fee is non-refundable. Further, when it’s time to purchase a membership, we will charge $1,445 ($1,400 for the bond and $45 PayPal fees). Effectively, the amount is the same ($1500); we are just requiring the application fee up front. The additional PayPal fees ($5 for application and $45 for bond) are because we are moving to all electronic payments and eliminating the handling of checks.

We are also requiring all current waitlist applicants to pay the fee to remain on the waitlist. You will continue to maintain your current position on the waitlist based on the date/time you originally joined. If you fail to pay the waitlist application fee by 12/31, we will remove you from the waitlist and if you apply in the future, you will be placed at the bottom of the list.

The deadline to pay to maintain your current spot on the waitlist will be 12/31/20.

Again, when a membership is available, the membership offer email will only go to the primary email address so please make sure that the address listed is correct and checked often.

When you are contacted to purchase a membership, the remaining balance of $1,445 will be due. The $1,400 goes towards your bond and $45 covers the PayPal fee as we are moving to all electronic processing.

Wait List Fee – Purchase

Application Fee to Join the Wait List to Purchase Membership. Fee is non-refundable.

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