A family unit may have two outstanding reservations at one time.

Court reservations: members must use our Pool eSoft Membership System to reserve courts.Reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance. Please cancel your reservation as early as possible when unable to play. Reservations are not required to play but are recommended to hold courts and avoid disputes. Reserved courts take priority immediately over non-reserved courts.

A single reservation is limited to 90 minutes per reservation per day. Per rule #1, a family may have two separate reservations per day.ย  A reservation is valid until ten minutes past the hour.

Any or all courts may be reserved for tournaments, lessons, and officially authorized league play. Special events such as tournaments or club parties will have priority over other play.

Those not playing tennis are not permitted inside the court. Tennis courts are for racquet sports play only.

Guests are welcome to play with playing members only and the playing member must be present with the guest.

Flat, non-marking court shoes are required for admission to the courts. Pets, skates, bikes, toys, etc., are not permitted on the courts.

Only tennis balls are to be hit against the backboards.

Tennis customs and courtesies will be extended at all times.

Lights will operate from dusk until 10:00 p.m. for tennis only.

Members and guests should exercise caution when courts are not adequate for play (rain, debris, etc.). The club cannot be responsible for accidents.

During the pool season, the pool manager and the tennis pro are responsible for promoting and assuring the above regulations.

FLAGRANT VIOLATIONS OF THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN THE SUSPENSION OF CLUB PRIVILEGES.ย  These rules may be revised or additional rules established at any time by the Board of Directors. Changes or additions will be posted at the pool. The Fairfax County Code is incorporated within these rules.

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