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Pool Rules
  1. The pool operator, pool manager and assistant manager are in charge of the pool. They have the authority to enforce all matters relating to pool admission, rules, regulations, health, safety, and conduct. They may require any person failing to comply to leave the pool area. Pool employees must not be directly criticized or interfered with in their duties. Any complaints by members as to the operation of the pools should be made to the pool manager with notification to the President of the Board and Pool Operations chair (contact info is posted at the pool entrance).
  2. All members will be verified by our Pool Online Membership System before admission to the pool.
  3. Children 12 years of age or younger will not be admitted to the pool area without parent or authorized guardian of l6.
  4. All bathers must shower at the bath house before entering the pool.
  5. Guests must register at the front desk and will be admitted when accompanied by a member. Guest passes may be purchased for $5.00 online through our Pool eSoft Membership System.  Children 2 and under will be admitted for free except for parties.
  6. Use of the pool is limited to those hours when it is properly protected and controlled. Closing of the pool due to inclement weather will be at the pool manager’s discretion. Change in hours for swim and dive meets, adult parties, etc., will be posted on our events calendar online at Mantuastc.org.
  7. With the exception of medically required service dogs, NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED ON POOL GROUNDS!
  8. Speed limit on driveways and in the parking lot is 5 miles per hour.
  9. The cost of any property damage may be charged to the member responsible for the damage.
  10. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the Association premises unless approved by the Board of Directors for special functions.  If permitted, alcoholic beverages are not allowed outside the fenced in grassy areas.
  11. Bicycle riders will use the bike racks provided in parking areas. We urge the use of helmets.
  12. Refuse will be placed in trash containers and/or recycle bins as appropriate.
  13. Chairs, lounges, tables, etc., shall always be used in the normal upright position.  Children under 10 should not reserve chaise lounges.

LIABILITY: All persons using the pool do so at their own risk. The Club will not be responsible for accidents or injury in connection with such use. The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property. 

FLAGRANT VIOLATIONS OF THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN THE SUSPENSION OF CLUB PRIVILEGES.  These rules may be revised or additional rules established at any time by the Board of Directors. Changes or additions will be posted at the pool. The Fairfax County Code is incorporated within these rules.


  1. Lifeguards will NOT BE ON DUTY at the wading pool. Therefore, each child must be accompanied by a parent or a parent authorized guardian. ONLY NON-SWIMMING CHILDREN 5 YEARS AND UNDER MAY USE THE WADING POOL.
  2. Children who have not been fully toilet trained MUST wear appropriate type pants to prevent contamination of the pools. Parents are liable for applicable charges if the pool is required to be drained, cleaned, etc., due to contamination of the pool by their child.
  3. Non-swimmer children under 12 shall be kept within arm’s length of an accompanying parent or guardian. Personal flotation devices for children may be used only when the child is accompanied by an adult in the pool. Rafts are permitted only during designated times.
  4. Every hour there will be a l5 minute rest period during which all children under l3 (lower pool) and under l8 (upper pool) must leave the pool.
  5. Masks, fins and snorkels may be used for lap swimming only. (Goggles are generally acceptable).
  6. Balls are acceptable in the pools as long as their use (e.g. in games) does not disturb others.
  7. Bandages are not to be worn in the water. Admission may be refused to anyone having an open sore, contagious ailment, inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharge or excessive sunburn.
  8. No glass containers, including baby bottles, are allowed in the pool area or in the bathhouse. The pool area, for purposes of these rules, is defined as the entire area inside the perimeter fence.  Food and drink may be consumed only in designated areas. No food, drink or trash is permitted on the concrete deck area or in the wading pool area.
  9. No running, pushing, wrestling, dunking, standing or sitting on shoulders, or causing undue disturbance in or around the pool area is permitted.
  10. No spouting of water or chewing of gum is permitted in the pool and the surrounding area.
  11. Smoking is not permitted on the property.
  12. The upper pool shall only be used for lap swimming.  The upper pool is generally for swimmers 18 and over, though younger swimmers may use the lap lanes if given permission by the manager on duty.  This determination will be made on a case by case basis.  Because of the depth of the water, use of the upper pool is for fully qualified swimmers only.  Any swimmer unable to demonstrate satisfactory swimming capability to the pool manager will be asked to leave the upper pool.
  13. The upstairs deck is for adults age 18 and over-use only. NO children are permitted on upstairs deck or staircase unless specific permission is given by pool management. Lifeguards and pool management will close the deck if children are violating this rule.
  14. SWIMMING LESSONS: MEMBERS ONLY Group instruction for beginning, intermediate and advanced swimmers will be offered. Each course will consist of ten (10) thirty (30) minute lessons. Basic Water Safety and Advanced Lifesaving will be offered. All courses will be taught by Red Cross certified instructors. Information and sign -up sheets will be posted at the pool. Consult the manager concerning private instruction.

FLAGRANT VIOLATIONS OF THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN THE SUSPENSION OF CLUB PRIVILEGES.  These rules may be revised or additional rules established at any time by the Board of Directors. Changes or additions will be posted at the pool. The Fairfax County Code is incorporated within these rules.

  1. Persons over 12 who have demonstrated an ability to swim will be permitted to use the diving boards.  For children under 12, only those who have taken the swim test with a lifeguard, and received a wristband, will be permitted to use the diving boards.
  2. Only one person shall be on a diving board at one time (except for a dive coach assisting a diver during practice or a private lesson).
  3. During recreational diving, persons must exit at the ladder in the dive well. During dive team practice or private instruction, persons may exit at the side or front of the dive well.
  4. Double or multiple bouncing on the diving boards is prohibited, except under the direction of the dive coach during practice or private instruction.
  5. Running off the board at any time is prohibited.
  6. Floatation aids, goggles and face masks may not be used on the diving boards. Wet suit “smack jackets” may be used during dive practice or private instruction.
  7. Persons may not dive until the previous diver has reached the pool wall or ladder. Diving from the side of the board or toward the sidewall is prohibited.
  8. During recreational diving, diving from the deck into the dive well is prohibited unless permitted by the lifeguard.
  9. No one may wait in the water to catch children diving off the board.
  10. Throwing of any object to or from any person while in the act of diving or jumping off the board is prohibited.
  11. Standing on the diving board stand ladder while another person is on the board is prohibited.
  12. Only dive coaches hired and/or authorized by the dive team rep will be allowed to coach or teach diving. This includes private lessons. During dive lessons and team practices, the dive coaches and/or dive reps shall have responsibility over training activity in the dive well. Safety concerns and responsibility remain with the lifeguards. Any pool member having concerns about the dive team should be brought to the attention of the dive team representative, pool manager, and/or the Board of Directors.
  13. The dive coach(es) may close both boards for use by the dive team during practice and may close one board for private lessons.
  14. Please note that swim and dive coaches may conduct practices and lessons according to guidelines that may differ from general membership recreational swimming and diving guidelines.
  15. DIVING LESSONS: MEMBERS ONLY Individual diving lessons will be available. Only the dive coaches will be allowed to give lessons.

FLAGRANT VIOLATIONS OF THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN THE SUSPENSION OF CLUB PRIVILEGES.  These rules may be revised or additional rules established at any time by the Board of Directors. Changes or additions will be posted at the pool. The Fairfax County Code is incorporated within these rules.

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