Membership Overview

Mantua Swim and Tennis Club offers only one type of membership for purchase – a Full Membership.

The Club maintains 600 Full Memberships. Only homeowners in the greater Mantua area (as depicted on Boundary Map) can purchase Full Memberships. Full membership is offered on a rolling basis – as Full Members request to sell their membership, that “share or bond” is offered to the next individual or family on the waitlist who is eligible to purchase the membership. Families typically remain on the waitlist an estimated 4 to 5 years before being offered a Full Membership. Full Members may choose to “rent” their membership for the year. When those memberships are available, the Club grants annual use privileges (referred to as a Rental Membership) to 1) individuals or families who are waiting to purchase a full membership or 2) home renters/tenants who are ineligible to purchase a full membership.

Membership Fees
New Owners
Own a home in the Mantua Boundary and want to Own a Membership?
Rental Memberships
Live in Mantua Boundary and want to Rent a Membership?

MSTC has 600 owners. When an owner sells their MSTC membership, we will offer to the next person on the purchase waitlist. Below are the one-time and annual fees associated with owning a MSTC membership.

1. Purchase Application Fee. Join the waitlist by purchasing a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $105. It is approximately a 4-year wait before being offered a membership to purchase. Click the purchase button at the bottom of this page.

2. Bond. When a membership is available to purchase, we will invoice  you for $1,445, which includes the $1,400 refundable bond and $45 non-refundable credit card processing fees. If you sell your membership, $1,400 will be returned to you.

3. Annual Dues. Each owner is responsible to pay annual dues. For 2023, annual dues are $590 to use all the facilities for the year or $180 to rent out your membership and relinquish your rights to use all facilities for the year. Annual invoices are generally emailed/mailed mid-February with payment due by March 31 to avoid late fees.


Wait List Fee – Purchase

Application Fee to Join the Wait List to Purchase Membership. Fee is non-refundable.

Price: $105.00

Add to Cart

Each year, MSTC offers a limited number of rental memberships depending on how many owners rent out their membership for the year. Those interested can apply for the rental waitlist starting each February. The rental waitlist is reset each year and applicants must reapply each year. The purchase and rental waitlists are two separate waitlists. Rental Memberships cost $770 split into two payments: 1) $25 when you apply for the rental waitlist (non-refundable unless we run out of memberships) and 2) $745 when a membership is offered to you.

1. Rental Waitlist Application Fee/Proof of Address.  Join the rental waitlist by purchasing a non-refundable application fee of $25. Click the purchase button at the bottom of this page (will be visible in February 2023). Anyone wishing to rent a membership must show proof that they live in the MSTC Boundary. An email receipt for the rental application fee will contain instructions on how to provide proof (e.g., utility bill, lease, deed) that you live within the MSTC Boundary. Failure to provide proof will make you ineligible for a membership and forfeiture of the rental application fee. 

2. Rental Membership. Beginning in April, MSTC will offer rental memberships to everyone on the rental waitlist first come, first serve. MSTC will stop selling rental memberships when all of the rental memberships are purchased. Joining the waitlist does not guarantee you a rental membership. For 2023, the rental membership is $770 and provides access to the MSTC facilities for the entire year. 

All 2023-2024 Rental Memberships have been sold. 

August/September Guest Pass
Live in Mantua Boundary? New to Mantua? Miss out on a Rental Membership? Want to use the pool in August and September?

We understand the demand for Rental Memberships each year continues to grow, and while we regret that we cannot offer a membership to everyone on the Rental Waitlist, we are excited to offer a new August/September Guest Pool Pass. The cost for this pass is $200/family. ($25 to join the Rental Waitlist, and $175 to be invoiced)

A few things to note:

  • This pass only allows access to the MSTC pool. This pass does not allow for use of the tennis courts, MSTC tennis programs, or clubhouse rentals.
    This guest pass is good for your family from from August 1st until the pool closed Labor Day.
  • Your guest pass will become activated on 8/1, so please do not try to enter the pool using your pass before this date.
  • Your $25 Rental Waitlist fee can be applied to the August Pool Pass. If you do not want to sign up for the August Pool Pass, please send me an email and we will refund your $25 rental waitlist fee.

If you are interested in the August/September Guest Pass, please email

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