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Initial Household Setup
Change PIN
Check Balances

To change PIN, click on Account. While changing your PIN, you can also enter your mobile phone number and carrier if you wish to receive text message alerts. Pictures will be handled at a later time.


Any guest pass balance was transferred to the new system. Click on Balances to check your balance. Please contact admin@mantuastc.org with any discrepancies.

Add Sub-Account/Additional Email

Add Sub-Account (i.e., additional email login)

Each Primary Account is allowed to have one Sub-Account, which is a way for another person, such as a spouse, to have a separate email login to the account.

After changing your PIN, click on Member Dashboard in the top left to return to the dashboard. From there, click on Household.

This screen lists everyone on your account that was transferred from eSoft. Please verify family members and birthdays. Please make any updates to names and dates of birth by clicking the Edit name, birthday, or delete link under the person’s name. You can also delete the family member if you do not wish for them to remain on the account (e.g., an adult child who no longer lives in the house).

Click on Add Sub-Account at the bottom of the screen. Fill in the required information and then click Add Sub-Account. Remember, only one Sub-Account per family.

If you created a Sub-Account for someone who was already listed in your household (such as your spouse), please delete the duplicate entry from your household. The duplicate entry will be the one with the below icon in their name and not have an email address located under their name. To delete the entry, click on Edit name, birthday, or delete, put a checkmark in the Delete box, and then click Edit Dependent. 

Sub-Account members must login with their email and PIN to add their mobile number to their Sub-Account (for text alerts). After logging in, click on Household to add a mobile number.

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